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Safety valve working principle

Safety valve in the system since the role of security protection. When the system pressure exceeds the set value, the safety valve opened Ting, will be part of the system of gas discharged into the atmosphere, allowing the system pressure does not exceed the allowable values, thus ensuring the system is not due to high stress incidents. Safety valve, also known as relief valve. Icon for the safety valve of some typical structural forms. Figure a safety valve for the piston, spool is 1 tablet. Gas source at the role of stress on the piston A, when the pressure exceeds the spring force to determine the safety value, the piston A was the top opening part of the compressed air that is discharged into the atmosphere from the valve port; when the gas pressure below the safety value, the spring-driven Pistons down, turn off valve port.

Figure b and c, respectively, for the ball valve and diaphragm-type safety valve, the working principle is identical with the piston. These three are the spring safety valve to provide control, spring preload adjustment, you can change the size of the security value, so called straight acting safety valve.

Figure d-type safety valve for the pilot to a small straight moving the control valve to provide the role of stress in the patch up, patch up the hard core is the spool, pressure on the valve seat. When the gas source stress A stress than safety, the spool open, compressed air from the left side of the output hole into the atmosphere. Diaphragm safety valve and relief valve Pilot-stress characteristics of a good, sensitive action; But the biggest opening force is relatively small, that is, poor flow characteristics. Practical applications, the selection should be based on the actual needs of the type of safety valve, and its selection based on the maximum displacement path.

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