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Butterfly valve structure and exist in the use of the proce

At present, the butterfly as a piping system used to achieve on-off and flow control components, has been in the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water, electricity and many other fields has been very widely applied. Has been public knowledge at the butterfly valve technology, many forms of their enclosed sealed structure, and sealing materials for rubber, PTFE and so on. Because of structural characteristics of the restrictions, not meet high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and other industries.

Available a more advanced three eccentric butterfly valves are metal hard seal butterfly valve, valve and valve seat for the Siamese components, valve seat sealing surface layer welding temperature, corrosion resistant alloy material. Multi-layer soft cascade ring at a fixed valve plate, the butterfly valve butterfly valve as compared with traditional high temperature, operation light, no friction hoist, turn off when the torque transmission mechanism with the increase to compensate for sealing, improve a butterfly valve sealing performance and durability advantages.

However, this butterfly valve in the use of the process still exist the following questions:

First, because of soft and hard multi-layer stacked ring fixed in the valve plate, when the valve normally open status when the medium of its sealing surface to form a positive erosion, sheet metal in the interlayer by scouring with soft seal, the sealing performance of a direct impact.

Three high-performance two-way eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve, and its characteristics are: Valve base ring described by the soft T-shaped sealing ring on both sides of multi-layer film composed of stainless steel. Valve Valve base plate and the sealing surface for the oblique cone structure at oblique conical surface of valve plate welding temperature, corrosion resistant alloy material; fixed in the regulation loop of the spring between the platen and the platen adjustment bolts on the structure of the assembly together.

This structure effectively compensated sleeve with the valve body between the tolerance zone and the stem in the medium under the pressure of the elastic deformation, solve the two-way valve at the exchange of media delivery process of the sealing problem exist. T-soft on both sides of the use of multi-layer film composed of stainless steel ring with a hard metal sealing and soft sealing the dual advantages of low temperature and high temperature in both cases, all with zero leakage sealing performance.

Pools tested positive flow status (medium flow direction and rotation direction of the same butterfly plate), the sealing surface pressure are the torque transmission device and media pressure on the valve plate generated by role. Medium pressure increases toward the valve seat surface and oblique cone sealing surface squeeze is tightening, sealing the better. When the current state, the valve plate and valve seat seal between the drive torque on the valve so that pressure to the valve seat. With medium pressure reverse the increase, valve seat plate and between the units is less than the medium pressure stress, the adjustment ring is contained in the spring after the deformation energy stored in the compensation valve plate and valve seat sealing surface of the tight stress plays the role of automatic compensation. Therefore this utility model, unlike existing technologies, in the valve plate to install the software and hardware multi-ring, but rather directly installed in the valve body, the middle seat in the platen and an additional ring-conditioning are very good two-way sealed hard way . It will be replaced valve, the cut-off valve and ball valve.

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