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Gate valve advantages and defects

(1) fluid resistance small because the internal valve body are straight-through media channels, the medium flows through the valve does not change its flow direction, fluid resistance so small.
(2) hoist torque small, open and close than the effort because when the gate valve headstock sports the direction and vertical direction of medium flow, compared with the globe valve, gate valve of the headstock more effort.
(3) the direction of medium flow unrestricted, non-spoiler, do not reduce the pressure medium can be in any direction from the valve on both sides of the flow can reach the purpose of use. More applicable to a medium may change the flow direction of the pipe.
(4) the structure of a shorter length because the gate valve under the valve body are vertical, and the valve shut-off valves are placed in the level of valve body, thus the structure of a short length globe valve.
(5) Good sealing performance of full-time smaller sealing surface by erosion.
(6) full-time, sealing surface by erosion of the job than the media of small globe valve.
(7) is relatively simple shape, good casting process, the application scope

(1) easy to damage the sealing surface when the hoist ram in contact with the valve seat and seal between the two there is a relatively friction, easy to damage, the impact of seals with life, more difficult to repair.
(2) hoist a long time because of a high degree of large gate valve to be full-or full clearance, damper travel, and must want to use open space, high dimensions, the larger the space required for installation.
(3) the structure of the complex are generally two valve sealing surface, to the processing, grinding and repair some additional, more difficult parts, manufacturing and repair more difficult, costs more than the high globe valve.

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