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Basic knowledge of the radiator and valves

Heating radiators home heating system are the terminal cooling equipment, heating radiator is the principle of natural convection of air, the radiator heating comfort, noise-free, non-drying, high thermal efficiency, energy-saving thermostat, the radiator in each room can be Individual valves adjust the temperature. Modern radiators pleasing in appearance, has a good effect decorations. There is a steel, aluminum, copper and aluminum composite, stainless steel, cast iron radiators and so on. Generally installed in the room on the wall.

Installed on each radiator into a backwater valve, through the adjustment of water into the room to adjust the heating temperature, the owner can be required in accordance with its own adjustable room temperature, the host of the various rooms of the heating energy consumption adjusted automatically Radiator into the air, so as to achieve a comfortable energy-efficient heating effect. Radiator inlet valves and there is an ordinary type with automatic temperature control two inlet valves for general-type wuji adjustment; automatic temperature control type inlet valves in accordance with the automatic adjustment of room temperature water into the radiator, are with scale there is very conditioning, convenient control. Usually the general use of the ordinary type into the backwater angle, there is Italian, etc. CALEFFI and Danfoss brand products.

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