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Three electric control valve installation and debugging

Three electric control valve installation and debugging:

Pre-installation instructions must be carefully read, cutting off power supply and must be related to professional and technical personnel to install.

Direction of flow with the valve body must be on the same direction as the arrow.

Valve have to access water coil located in the top plate to ensure that occur when water after falling into the water then.

Body and drive must be installed in the vertical direction within the scope of ± 60 ℃, and its top should be at least 30mm of space for disassembly.

With the surrounding pipe, equipment, buildings are required to maintain adequate space for repair operations, maintenance personnel must be installed in manholes that could be reached through to the place.

Valve installed with the pipe through the pressure test before they can install the drive.

If the drive has already been installed on the valve body, then the process of installation and commissioning at the absolute application of force can not drive, otherwise they will damage the drive.

Installed and check for correct, the electricity debugging. Should at least observe the driver to run three full cycles, to determine all the components correctly so far.

After passing through anhydrous debugging, and then carry out water testing. Upper and lower water pressure system must be strictly controlled at less than 0.15MPa to ensure that links electric regulating valve on the effectiveness of the flow switch.

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